The Rescue Scoop

   Wild Exotics Animal Rescue is a small operation located along the Jersey Shore. Rescuing and rehabilitating exotic companion animals, we strive to make the world a safer place for the more unconventional species.
Through the kindness of people like you, we are able to continue taking in animals, providing them with medical care, and educating the public on exotic animal welfare.

  While we are currently not a non-profit sanctuary, we aim to be one in the years to come.

    Wild Exotics is made up of a very small team of people who dedicate either their entire lives or spare time to helping animals. When they’re not saving animals, everyone is participating in the creation of apparel and the running of our weekend events. 

     We began with one chinchilla in 2015, way before the creation of W.E.A.R.. After the accumulation of neglected, abused, and unwanted pets throughout the years, creating a W.E.A.R. seemed like the best idea. In 2022, Wild Exotics Animal Rescue was created and remains as a small privately ran operation.    The Rescue Crew travels New Jersey and surrounding states, to spread the word of our mission to save animals, and raise funding.

    Our message is simple - be a voice for the voiceless. Whether the animal in need has scales or fur, the Rescue Crew does their best to provide rehabilitation and TLC.