Thank you so much for taking interest in our efforts! While we currently do not accept on-site volunteers, we are always looking for help during events.   

   We travel to events all over New Jersey, and branch out into surrounding states, to pop-up our rescue tent. Volunteering at these events consists of helping us educate, vend merchandise, and fundraise. These events are typically on weekends and usually last 4-5 hours.

   Must be 18 years or older.

   Please copy and paste the below information into the inquiry box, and fill out all boxes. This information serves as your volunteer application, and does not guarantee acceptance. 

- Address: 

- Birthdate: 

- Do you need volunteer hours for school or a program?:

- Are you capable of providing transportation for yourself, to and from locations?:

- How would you like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities? (Email, text):

- Why do you want to volunteer with us?:

- Please include any additional questions you may have, and we should email you back with an answer, shortly.: